2021 – The year of the Bus

About the Bus

The base bus

The bus that forms the base vehicle for Shed-in-a-Bus is detailed at the end of this page. The plan is to conver the upper saloon to a workshop. To do this we will remove all of the seats and install benches, power and tools. We will improve the lighting and install dust extraction and heating systems. The stairwell will be boxed and a door installed so that we minimise the amount of dust that gets downstairs.

While the workshop is clearly an important part of a Men’s Shed, so is an area to socialise, over a cup of tea/coffee. To this end, the rear of the lower saloon will be converted into a 17 seat cafe, arranged as in 4 clusters. This area will also be usable as a training area.

The front of the lower saloon will be a combination of a clean area for working on things where dust would be a problem, and an information area where visitors can find our about relevant services and men’s health.

Here are some details of the Bus we have acquired from Stagecoach London.

                             CurrentPlanned changes
MakerAlexander Dennis
ModelALX 400, Trident 2
EngineCummins ISCe 226-30 (8.3 litre diesel to Euro 4)
ColourLondon Transport Red
Max Weight18 tonnes
Number of doorsFront and centre passenger doors, with emergency door on the rear offsideFront passenger doors, with emergency and driver access door on the rear offside
mpg6 to 6.5 – equivalent to about £1 a mile
Top speedUnknownWill be limited to 50mph
Number of seats65. None upstairs, 17 downstairs of which a maximum of 8 will be usable for transporttion

The bus manuals can be found by clicking here.