2021 – The year of the Bus


The conversion work is being undertaken by a team from Basingstoke Shed, Tadley Men’s Shed and The Silvers’ Workshop (Reading). You can see videos of how far we’ve got by clicking here. So far, we’ve:

  • Removed most of the seats
  • Secured the Bus (There were no locks on the doors and no security alarm)
  • Installed a cupboard to house the Bus’s mains generator
  • Installed much of the mains electric wiring in the workshop
  • Raised the floor in the lower saloon to accomodate the seating
  • Acquired various kitchen cabinets that will form the under-bench storage for tools and so on
  • Removed and repainted many of the grab rails
  • Put seats and tables in the cafe
  • Installed a 240v AC system, along with a 24v auxilliary system
  • Put benches in the workshop
  • Fixed down the major tools in the workshop (Drill press, band saw, wood lathe and bench sander)
  • Installed a truckNav (like a satNav but takes vehicle diemnsions and weight into consideration)
  • Installed a reversing camera

On our “To Do” list is:

  • Install the water heater, the sink and water system
  • [Install the heating system
  • Put in destination boards/displays
  • Implement various electronic gizmos, including:
    • Internal display screens
    • Internet connection
    • On board PC
  • Improve the outside appearance (paint and polish)
  • Reseat some of the widows (there are a few leaks)