2021 – The year of the Bus

Our teams

We break the project down into the following areas, and tend to work in these groups:

  • Cafe – the kitchen, meeting and seating area in the back half of the lower saloon
  • Workshop – the upper saloon, housing the tools and where the work is done
  • Electrics and electronics – the Bus has/will have a good deal of mains equipment and various electronic gizmos; this is about the installation of these and the wiring of the power and data connections
  • Bodywork – the Bus is in pretty good condition for its age, but we want it to look impressive.
  • Base vehicle – maintenance assoicated with the original bus – largely the mechanics and the running gear
  • Heating – the base bus has a heating system powered by the excess heat generated by the engine. As we will need to keep the bus heated while stationary, we need to add a second source of heat (a diesl water heater).
  • Operations – once the service is launched. we will need to run it as a service – drivers will need to be allocated to trips, bookings will need to be taken, invoices raised and so on. While we are several months away from launching the service, we are already planning how this will work.

If you would like to get involved with the project in one or more of the above areas, please get in touch through our contacts page and find out about joining our happy band of “Bussers”