2021 – The year of the Bus

The project’s aims

Men’s Sheds help combat social isolation and loneliness, particularly in older men. At the start of 2021, there were over 600 Sheds open in the UK, with another 150 in development. This is good news for anyone living close to a Shed, but doesn’t do much for those who are more remote from their local Shed.

Shed-in-a-Bus is a Men’s Shed built into a double decker bus. It will visit communities and be the Shed for the community for typically one afternoon or morning each week. (This is similar to a mobile library, which provides library facilities to communities that don’t have fixed librarys.) In doing so, we hope that Shed-in-a-Bus will help new Sheds get established by demonstrating the need and helping them to secure fixed premises.

Shed-in-a-Bus will also go to events, where attendees can see what a Shed is all about. It is expected that this will encourage people to join their local Shed and/or start a new one.

The main aim of the Bus is to get more men into Sheds and get more Sheds open. The UK Men’s Sheds Association site says “We won’t stop until every man who would benefit from a Men’s Shed has access to one”; Shed-in-a-Bus is driven to support this aim.